About Us

About Us

Our Mission
Our mission is all about education and nutrition. Through the Kidney Conversation Talk Show we are able to conduct educational conversations and offer a comfortable platform for kidney warriors to tell there stories of living with CKD. The Kidney Kafe’ cooking show provides us our nutritional platform to teach and inspire healthy cooking and eating with our low sodium and no salt seasonings. Online at “C. Alan Lifstyle.com” we have a selection of kidney friendly clothing and products geared to the CKD community and their families. Our goal is to eliminate kidney disease by changing how we approach the disease.

Our Founder

Chet Bennett

Chet “C. Alan” Bennett, also known as Chef Benne’, is the founder of beauty school, Bennett Career Institute, radio personality and host for the C Alan Morning Show and successful entrepreneur and supporter of several other businesses and social causes. Diagnosed with kidney failure in 2018, Chet was placed on dialysis for over a year while trying to find the strength to continue as CEO of his school and radio host to his morning show. Praying for divine help and questioning his future, Chet’s prayers were answered when a former student and mentee volunteered to be his kidney donor.

After receiving a successful kidney transplant, Chet has dedicated his life to helping others with kidney disease and established the C. Alan Foundation. The Foundation’s goal is to raise awareness and money to assist the kidney disease population by offering counseling, nutrition, toiletries, education, housing, transportation and support.

Our Ventures

Community Engagement

Here at the C. Alan Foundation along with speaking engagements throughout our city, we pride ourselves in partnering with the community in all of our ventures such as:

C Alan Foundation along with corporate sponsor Wahl renovated the barber shop at the homeless veterans transitional home in Se Washington DC

C Alan Foundation along with the corporate sponsor Toyokalon renovated The Images Room at the Washington Hospital Center Cancer Institute

C Alan Foundation Gives back to dialysis techs across the city

C Alan Foundation

Our Team

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Kidney Kafe' Garden

Glam Squad

Kidney Kafe

Did You Know?

Americans are at risk for kindey disease
1 in 0
People have Chronic Kidney Disease
0 million
People live with kidney failure
People are waiting for a kidney transplant

Support the C Alan Foundation to bring about awareness
and help those suffering with Kidney Disease.

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