Did you know that Washington DC is 42.5% black and has the highest rates of kidney disease in the country?

The C. Alan Foundation was founded in our capitol city to curb the spread of CKD within our black community. The following is a list of our projects to help us with this mission.

Our Projects

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Kidney Kafe'

The Kidney Kafe’ is created to transform the lives of the kidney community by executing our main goal, which is to identify, educate, and assist those affected by kidney disease. The Kidney Kafe’ with Chef Benne’, will teach the diabetic and kidney communities’ other options to stay healthy through recipes, meals, and daily lifestyle maintenance. The show will also give local chefs and cooks an opportunity to highlight their brand and present more choices for better living. The Motto for the Kidney Kafe’ is: “From the Ground to the Gut”.

Streaming Now

Kidney Conversations

When Chet Bennett, host of Kidney Conversations was first diagnosed with kidney disease, he found that it was difficult to understand the information on kidney disease. With that experience in mind, Chef Benne’ created Kidney Conversations. Kidney Conversations is a 30-minute show on YouTube that discusses the nuances of kidney disease and brings awareness education from industry leaders, patients, and organizations to share knowledge and inspiration. New episodes of the Kidney Conversations premiers weekly on YouTube and the Urban Television Network and on This was an excellent way to empower those on dialysis to become their own advocates through education in words they can understand

Community Engagement

The Kidney Kafe' Garden 

The Kidney Kafe’ Garden was established in the fall of 2021 behind Access Housing SE Veterans Service Center. Chef Benne’ started in September of that same year providing 40 healthy meals once a week to the Veterans that lived there.  The Veterans began to anticipate that day and even took to calling that day “Chef Day”. As of January 2023 Chef Benne’ is now cooking 420 healthy meals a week. He has noticed if he can control, maintain, and cultivate the garden, he will be able to feed the veterans right from their own backyard. As he started making fresh seasonings and herbs, he realized how his high blood pressure was under control because he wasn’t eating a lot of salt. Chef Benne started creating fresh seasonings right from this garden which gave him his motto “From the ground to the Gut” the title of his upcoming book.

C.Alan Salon Suites

now Open

C. Alan Men's Grooming Salon and Spa

The C. Alan Men’s Grooming Spa is located at 923 U St. NW Washington DC in the eclectic U St. corridor. The Spa will specialize in treatments designed for the working man as well as men with health conditions. The C.A.M.G.S. will offer foot detox treatments, back exfoliators, waxing, facials, hot leather towels, haircuts, shaves, manicures and pedicures, male units, body detoxing, micro scalp pigmentation, body sculpting and dialysis therapy. Dialysis is the process of removing excess water, solutes, and toxins from the blood in people whose kidneys can no longer perform these functions naturally. The Sauna will aid in reducing the excess water while using aromatherapy as an agent to relax, rejuvenate, and to take your mind off of treatment. The C. A.M.G.S. will retail the C. Alan Products which are designed for people on dialysis and others who need extra moisture along with Baxter of California Men’s grooming products. C Alan has created the Less Itching Body Butter with juniper berries and menthol to help reduce those itching urges many dialysis warriors are dealing with.

Did You Know?

Americans are at risk for kindey disease
1 in 0
People have Chronic Kidney Disease
0 million
People live with kidney failure
People are waiting for a kidney transplant

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