“The program at the C. Alan Foundation was great we were all pampered, well fed and shown a great time”.
Candace Ford
Dialysis Patient
My mom won a 55” inch TV at the Kidney Khristmas and she is elated!”. “Thanks Chef for all you do for our community, you are our new voice for the kidney industry.
Tracie Jamison
Mr. Bennett , I cant thank you enough for the C. Alan Foundation paying my rent for 6 months, after my ordeal I had no clue how I was going to make it, Then an angel came and his name was C. Alan Bennett.
Agnes Smith
Dialysis Patient
You have such a big heart, and I will never forget how good you where to our breast cancer patients.
Washington Hospital Center Cancer Institute
Thank you, Mr Bennett for the foundation making my dreams become a reality.” “A full expense paid trip and clothes is just unbelievable. As a single mother you have no clue how you blessed us”. “Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Tameka Jones
BCI Student
“Mr. Bennett, we were honored to be a sponsor for the Kidney Khristmas annual event”.
George Cole
Whal Professional
The virtual cooking class was a huge success the people loved you.
Northshore Links